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Rolling Plains is a recognized authority in the Thermal and Acoustical Insulation industry. Our goal is simple, to deliver the most economical and efficient solutions without compromising on quality.  

Rolling Plains Thermal and Acoustical Insulation division offers products for areas requiring improved acoustical performance and/or insulation R - values. K-13 is an aesthetic spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation that can be used as an exposed ceiling finish requiring no additional barriers or materials. K-13 meets requirements for thermal insulation and noise control with an attractive natural texture and custom colors. In addition, K-13 has been tested in fire-rated designs at UL and may be utilized over sprayed fire resistive materials without compromising the fire rating.


Rolling Plains has provided Acoustical and Thermal Insulation on the largest K13 job in the US, comprising of 1.3 Million square feet or 28 Football Fields. 

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