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Shippy's Rolling Plains Construction specializes in Spray Fireproofing, Spray Thermal/Acoustical insulation, Intumescent Fireproofing and Lightweight Insulating Concrete.


Our mission is to provide a trusted source of knowledge, design, and service within the commercial and industrial construction industry in the areas of passive fire resistive construction, sprayed insulation and lightweight insulating concrete roofs.


Rolling Plains Construction was incorporated in Colorado in September of 1984. Starting out with the application of Spray Applied Fireproofing, then expanding applications to include Spray Thermal / Acoustical SprayInsulations, Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof decks, and Industrial Fireproofing.


With over 300 employees in 50 states, we work hard to maintain integrity in both our field applications and our estimating performance. We maintain a presence in the development of our national codes, in the standards process with both Factory Mutual, ASTM and in our local - national trade associations. We foresee the future trends requiring more of the specialty subcontractors Rolling Plains Construction is working hard to maintain a high level of professionalism and knowledge. Look further into this site for specific project highlights and feel free to contact our personnel for your needs. Thank you for visiting our website.

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