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About RPC Sponsorship
The Native American Basketball Invitational is making a difference in the communities where Native American youth live, play, and dream and that is why we are a proud sponsor. Aside from the Native American Basketball Invitational being the largest all-Native American Basketball Invitational, it has become an organization more than just basketball; it is an educational platform that provides Native American youth a vehicle to succeed beyond the court. In addition to the Foundation’s youth programs, it has awarded over $450K in college scholarships since our inception. 

What is the Native American Basketball Invitational?

The Native American Basketball Invitational (NABI) is an annual basketball tournament that brings together Native American high school basketball players and teams from various tribes and reservations across the United States, Canada and as far away as New Zealand. At any given year NABI hosts over 1500 athletes, organizes over 400+ basketball games, and represents over 150 tribal nations. The NABI tournament was founded in 2003 with the aim of engaging Native American youth, through the love of the game of basketball, to create a platform to increase the number of Native American athletes playing in collegiate and pro-sports.

NABI not only provides an exciting and competitive basketball platform but, also emphasizes cultural exchange, education, and leadership development. It includes activities such as a college & and career fair, an educational youth summit, and scholarship opportunities for participating players. The tournament has gained global recognition for its positive impact on Native American communities, helping to foster a sense of unity, pride, and opportunity among Native American youth, and has had a direct impact on changing the NCAA governing rules to include Native American athletes as well as, increase Native American athletes participation in college and pro sports. Most recently, NABI received a Congressional Recognition from Rep. Greg Stanton for providing an exceptional sports program to our Native American youth and investing in our Native American communities. NABI is a minority/woman ran company.

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