Rolling Plains steel finishing facility leads to higher production capabilities, with no site restrictions and plenty of field access. Our controlled environment has fewer down days due to weather or other unferseeble obstacles, and allows our SSPC trained quality assurance team the ability to inspect steel members in their entirety. Rolling Plains has a trained staff that checks various points of our quality at each step of the process. 


About our surface preparation and abrasive blasting – our hand preparation involves (SSPC-SP1, SSPC-SP2, SSPC-SP3). We have commercial pressure washers and a degreasing operation along with efficient hand removal of mill scale, loose rust and paint. Our abrasive blasting conforms to the following: (SSPC-SP5/NACE1, SSPC-SP6/NACE 3, SSPC-SP7/NACE4, SSPC-SP10/NACE 2).  


Rolling Plains extra-large crane-fed wheel machine can accept almost any steel member which significantly increases our blast production. Along with a small conveyor-fed wheel machine a perfect supplement to out larger counterpart, helps soothe influxes in workload and rushed schedules. The large hand blast area can provide for any shape or size piece needing to be blasted, and perfect for touch ups from wheel machines. We can specialty blast stainless, galvanized and more. 


Rolling Plains has the capability to handle complex protective coatings including, inorganic & organic zincs, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics, alkyds, polyureas with expertise in the application of these products. Coupled with our ability to recommend systems based on environmental conditions and exposures for projects, the Rolling Plains Steel Finishing group is an excellent choice for your coating needs.  


We use products that are available to us from Carboline, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Tnemec, International, and more. We perform rigorous SSPC inspections on all production that goes through an in-depth Quality Assurance Process to you. Coatings are applied to specifications every time with our large variety of pumps including XP-60, XP-70, conventional, airless, plural, reactor and more. In house mechanics and pump specialists mean no project problems or delays.  

Rolling Plains Quality Control follows the best paint practices leaving minimal touch up after spray and fixing non-conformities before shipment. 


Intumescent fireproofing process control, when shop applied, helps us monitor the product from surface prep all the way to our field. Crews do site tie ins and touch up; this helps us provide the best warranties available. Monitoring recoat times in a facility helps us move through a coating process without the need of expensive labor spent abrading for the next coat. Shop applied process can do in days what would take weeks to accomplish in the field. We can handle any size job with 14 intumescent pumps at our disposal. With over 35 years of field experience as a company we can offer sound and cost-effective advice on block outs for field tie in. 


Material handling both size and versatility no piece is too big, with multiple forklifts able to fit as much as 70,000lbs in one pick. Two 10-ton bridge cranes Rolling Plains is able to fabricate special jigs to handle unique and awkward shaped pieces. With care of handling all finished pieces are protected by carpet or other barriers, so coatings are not damaged. 


Rolling Plains facility is over 30 acres of property located outside of Metro Phoenix, expanding to nearly 70,000 square feet under cover. Over 8 acres of dedicated lay down yard eliminates storage concerns. Designed flow for quick loading and offloading along with scheduled loads will almost never receive expensive carrier imposed waiting fees.  

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