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At Rolling Plains Construction, our abundance of labor and equipment resources is what strengthens our company and allows us to capitalize on projects with an accelerated schedule or large production demands. RPC provides our own labor force, a full-time foreman, superintendent, QA/QC, and Safety Officer at all of our projects nationwide. 

  • 600 Field Employees 

  • 125 Full-Time Sprayers 

  • 75 Full-Time Foreman

  • 10 Full-Time Superintendents

  • 6 Full-Time Quality Control

  • 5 Full-Time Safety


As the largest fireproofing company in the nation, Rolling Plains Construction has the necessary fireproofing equipment to not only meet but exceed our client's fireproofing needs. Our workforce is trained to utilize all RPC equipment and our teams are certified in applying the industry's top supplier products. Our Projects range from $50,000 - $150,000,000.00.

  • 90 Tommy Guns

  • 16 Ranger 7

  • 35 Mark V

  • 10 Stator

  • 12 Fiber

  • 60 Graco X60s

  • 2 M680

  • 16 F340



Our facility covers over 50 acres just outside of Phoenix, with nearly 70,000 square feet undercover. Our by-hand preparation involves (SSPC-SP1, SSPC-SP2, SSPC-SP3). Our team utilizes commercial pressure washers and degreasing equipment to aid in the efficient removal of mill scale, loose rust, and coatings. Our abrasive blasting conforms to the following: (SSPC-SP5/NACE1, SSPC-SP6/NACE 3, SSPC-SP7/NACE4, SSPC-SP10/NACE 2).


The Rolling Plains crane-fed wheel machine can accept almost any size steel member and when paired with our smaller conveyor-fed machine, we can tackle any job in a timely manner. The large hand blast area can handle pieces of any shape or size needing to be blasted. We can also specialty blast stainless, galvanized, and more. Learn more about our Steel Shop Capabilities HERE.

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