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Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials are relatively new, invented during NASA's development of coatings to win the space race. Quickly these innovative products were adopted by the construction industry as a method to passively protect structures. In the 1970s there was a single intumescent product, today there are countless manufacturers and products that may be used to provide the necessary protection for a building.  

Since our founding, Rolling Plains has been utilizing this 'new' technology and is a leader in Intumescent application. There are many different epoxy-based, water-based, and solvent-based intumescent materials. Knowing how they perform in different scenarios and environments is key to keeping your structure safe.

When the schedule is of importance, Rolling Plains also has the ability to apply the specified coatings to structural steel at our facility and ship it directly to the project - cutting weeks if not months from the construction timeline.

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