Intumescent  Fireproofing is relatively new.  Invented as part of the Space Program’s search for coatings that would help the Space Shuttle re-enter the atmosphere safely, the innovation in technology was quickly absorbed by, and adapted to, the construction Industry as a method to protect the structure of a building.  In the 1970's there was a single product. Today there are multiple types of intumescent manufacturers and products that can be used to provide the necessary fire rating for the structural framework of a building.  

Since it's beginning, Rolling Plains has been active in this technology and is now the leading company in Intumescent application.  Currently, there are intumescent products that are epoxy-based, water-based, and solvent-based materials.  Knowing which type is the best to use for each situation takes a vast amount of experience and knowledge about how to work with each product in different environments around the country whether it is a dry heat, or high humidity, etc.   

The future in Construction requires pre-fabrication of buildings that decrease the time required to construct a building Rolling Plains has invested and provides a facility that can produce pre-coated structural steel shipped directly to a project site where the only in place fireproofing required is at the connection points.  

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