Rolling Plains is the nationwide leader for fireproofing installation. For 35 years Rolling Plains Construction has experienced fireproofing on all types of building  conditions; and doing that with all types of materials. This experience provides us with the ability to review projects and adapt to specific needs that are unique to each project. Often, standard UL tests do not apply and our experience helps us provide our clients with solutions that minimize, or eliminate, costly impacts to the schedule and budget of the project.


Passive Fire Protection products (commonly referred to as Fireproofing) are used to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire.  These materials are intended to insulate the structural members during the event of a fire, delaying any loss of the integrity of the structural members, therefore, allowing people time to leave the building and the fire-fighters necessary time to extinguish the fire without building collapse.  For this reason, you need to have the best installation of this type of material.


Rolling Plains should be your single source for professional installation of Fireproofing materials. Our expertly trained staff offers you many advantages of installations when it comes to cementitious materials.  Our methods are highly effective and cost-efficient. Professionally and properly installed cementitious fireproofing is critical in the design performance of your building.  All fireproofing needs to be installed in strict compliance with all building codes and manufacturer requirements. As fireproofing has become more and more technical involving more and more materials and UL tests, Rolling Plains has continuously updated their knowledge and processes.


Rolling Plains offers low, medium and high-density fireproofing in both Portland cement-based materials as well as gypsum-based materials.  This offers a broad range of fire protection design required for steel construction. Rolling Plains works with all the manufacturers of these types of materials including GPC Applied Technologies (formerly WR Grace), Isolatek International, and Southwest Fireproofing.  


Today, cementitious coatings remain relatively inexpensive materials for the fireproofing of facilities. Labor does have the potential to drive up the cost of these jobs, as these materials applied in several successive layers. Cementitious materials are well suited for environments where the substrate is not expected to be exposed to heavy vibrations and/or impacts. Choose the best installer for your project; choose the subcontractor with the most experience, one that can apply the right materials for the right situations, and in the right manner.  

With a team of just under 10 estimators, we work on helping identify the fireproofing needed on the project and help with budgets. Because of our experience of over 35 years in the field, RPC can also help recommend the most cost-effective approach to the project. It is virtually impossible that the estimators' initial estimate will be the same as the project's final price tag.... Our goal is to always provide our clients with the information necessary to make the best possible decisions on each of the projects.

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