Rolling Plains Construction is committed to quality at all levels to ensure that the products and services we provide exceed our customer’s expectations. We comply with building codes, provide extensive field training of personnel, and institute industry best practices to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Unmatched operational excellence together with our ability to deliver high quality applied products and services to our clients, has made Rolling Plains Construction a trusted name in the industry.

Although we have over 35 Years of experience in providing high-quality service and products to our clients from diversified commercial industrial sectors we are continuously striving to incorporate process improvements. 


All RPC Quality Control engineers are well versed in the International Building Code, AWCI 12-A manual, AWCI 12-B manual, NFCA 100-400 manuals, various states building codes, various UL designs, and many of the applicable ASTMs (E119, E605, E736, D3359, D4541, etc.). Several of RPC’s Quality Control engineers are Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) certified auditors.


Typical duties are performing substrate inspections of structural steel to be sprayed with either cementitious or intumescent fireproofing, primer adhesion testing (ASTM D3359), primer pull-off adhesion testing (ASTM D4541), thickness inspection to verify compliance with the UL tested designs (ASTM E605), dry density testing for cementitious fireproofing to ensure that the minimum in place density meets or exceeds the minimum density per UL (ASTM E605), and adhesion/cohesion testing per ASTM E736.


Additionally, RPC QC technicians will schedule the owner's 3rd party inspections and then accompany them to act as a liaison between our field staff and management.

Zero failures are our goal and we achieve that by performing compliance verifications/inspections prior to obtaining an owners/building official’s inspection. 

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