Board fireproofing panels are composite dimensional materials formed in various sizes, commonly 2’x4’, 4’x8’ or 3’x5’, and are manufactured in various thickness to provide fire-resistive protection of structural steel columns and beams.  These boards are tested by UL for conformance to the fire-resistive standards of 1-4 hours per ASTM E119 and UL 263.  Inorganic formulation the boards do not promote mold or fungal growth and have a stable dimension reducing the need for extensive third-party inspection.

These fireproofing boards are a viable alternative to spray-applied fire-resistive materials when conditions dictate the physical limitations of SFRM use.  The installation of boards is mechanical and does not involve a wet application, making it ideal for retrofit of existing facility fireproofing in areas such as mechanical or electrical rooms.  Additionally, unlike other forms of fireproofing, there are no temperature limitations to the installation, eliminating the need for heating and hoarding on fire resistive projects.

Utilizing mechanical attachment, fireproofing board installation is ideal when deflection is a concern.  The board can be installed at the underside of roof decks with mechanical fasteners before the installation of the roof insulation and membrane, resolving a common sequencing problem on fire-rated buildings.  As a mineral wool product, it possesses good resistance to wet and freezing conditions.
Rolling Plains Construction has utilized Fireproofing Board Fireproofing on literally millions of square feet of beams and deck on multiple projects and can provide the manpower and expertise to provide quality installations on any size project.

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