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Board fireproofing panels are composite dimensional materials manufactured in various thicknesses to provide fire-resistive protection of structural steel columns and beams.  These boards are tested by UL for conformance to the fire-resistive standards of 1-4 hours per ASTM E119 and UL 263.

Fireproofing boards are a viable alternative to spray-applied fire-resistive materials when conditions dictate. The inorganic formulation of the boards inhibits mold or fungal growth and has a stable dimension reducing the need for extensive third-party inspection. installation of boards is mechanical making it ideal for retrofit of existing facilities and mechanical or electrical rooms. Unlike other forms of fireproofing, there are no temperature limitations to the installation, eliminating the need for heating and hoarding. Fireproofing board is ideal where deflection is a concern and can be installed on the underside of roof decks before the placing of insulation and membranes, resolving a common sequencing problem.

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