Company History


How did a small operation that began in Denver, Colorado grow into a company that is now the single largest fireproofing contractor in the U.S.? It all began in 1984 with company founders Terry and Sheldon “Shelly” Shippy. For more than three decades we have experienced exponential growth thanks to the efforts of the entire RPC family. Rolling Plains Construction has expanded to office locations in Arizona and Colorado with over 350 employees. 


Today, we are proud to carry on the legacy that’s made the RPC name synonymous with fireproofing excellence. The spirit that began over 35 years ago continues, every day we come to work. We strive for unmatched quality in everything that we do, starting with our company leaders and going down to the field staff, people genuinely care.


There is a saying we live by at RPC that has been the foundation of our company culture, “Working for Rolling Plains Construction is family by choice.” We have never strayed from that motto, which we believe has been a vital factor in all of our achievements. A special thanks our executive leadership team for all of their hard work and dedication and without whom we would not be where we are today. The success of Rolling Plains Construction is only getting started, and we have the greatest employees in the world to thank.