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Rolling Plains is recognized as having some of the most authoritative, experienced professionals in the thermal/acoustical industry.  Our goal simple, deliver the most economical and efficient solution to your project’s needs. Never compromise on quality while exceeding your expectations. 

Rolling Plains Thermal and Acoustical Insulation division offers products for areas requiring improved sound and/or R-values. The acoustic values provide a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) as great as 1.05.  The R-value of 3.75 per inch provides up to R-19 or greater with mechanical support required after 5” of application.  In addition, K-13 has been tested in fire rated designs at UL for use over sprayed fire resistive materials without compromising your fire ratings.


K-13 is an aesthetic spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation that can be used as an exposed ceiling finish requiring no additional barriers or materials. K-13 meets project requirements for thermal insulation, noise control with an attractive natural texture that Rolling Plains offers in standard and custom colors. 

K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music intelligible. While greatly improving ambient sound quality on projects including sports facilities, convention centers, parking garages, restaurants, auditoriums, airports, office buildings, theaters and a variety of many types building spaces.  

Areas such as indoor ice arenas and pools, K-13 aids in condensation control. Proper combination of K-13 and ventilation prevents condensation on concrete, metal and other surfaces. K-13 reduces ventilation requirements, saving both ventilation equipment and operating costs. 

Rolling Plains has provided acoustical/thermal insulation's on jobs that are less than 100 SF of space to the largest K13 job in the US, comprising of 1.3 Million SF of thermal and acoustical installation.  Rolling Plains can provide the trained installers, equipment and expertise for your project regardless of size and needs. 

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