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Rolling Plains Construction - a NABI Nation Annual Donor

Champions to attend NBA Finals - July 2021

An additional incentive to winning the NABI championships was announced July 7. The boys and girls teams that win the championship games will be invited to attend game 5 of the NBA Finals on July 17 at Phoenix Suns Arena. That’s the same day and location where the NABI championship games are scheduled to be played, but if the NBA needs the arena, then the NABI games will move to a different location.

Robert Shippy, owner of Rolling Plains Construction and a NABI Foundation annual donor, has committed to underwriting tickets to the Finals for the NABI teams who will see the Suns host the Milwaukee Bucks if the Suns, who won game 1, don’t sweep the series.

“It is our honor to support the NABI Foundation by turning a bittersweet situation into a uniquely special one for our young Native American athletes who look forward to playing the championship game on an official NBA court,” Shippy said in a statement. “We enjoy supporting such a worthy organization that brings our tribal communities together in sport and helps develop future leaders. We look forward to seeing the memorable time they will have at the NBA Finals.”


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